New For Band On The Strand 2019 - Wake-athon / After Party





A new feature added to the BOTS festival is a wake-athon after-party to take place in the festival Marquees after the main show has finished.

Some F.A.Q's

What times does the wake-athon take place? 1:30am to 7am

Where will this take place? In the main festival marquees in the festival arena.

My child didn't attend BOTS, can they take part in the wake-athon? No, only BOTS attendees only.

Who can attend? All young people already attending Band On The Strand. This includes senior members and all attending plus ones.

What is the plan for the night? There will be a full lineup of Foróige fun planned for the night. There will be a talent showcase, some games, chill out time and lots lots more.

Is this included in the BOTS ticket price? NO

How much does it cost? 10 euro (on top of main ticket price)

What do you get for the 10 euro? Tea / coffee and refreshments throughout the night with a breakfast roll included in the morning.

Is this a fundraiser? No, the 10 euro cover charge will merely cover costs of the refreshments and breakfast roll.

How will this wake-athon be supervised? Young people can only participate if their (already) attending Foróige leaders agree to stay over with them to help with supervision. The ratio of leaders to teens will be one leader for every five young people.

Will young people be permitted to leave the marquee? Only under strict supervision with their leaders and only into the main (fenced) arena.

Our club doesn't have enough leaders to stay over, can you arrange some extra supervision for our members? No, members can only stay over in the Marquee as long at their own club leaders agree to stay with them. There is no exceptions to this.